Welcome to The Re-CYCLE-ry..... The New / Used / Refurbished Bicycle, Parts/Gear Warehouse. We buy, sell and repair ALL TYPES of Bicycles from beginner to expert.

Hundreds of Bikes of ALL types, sizes, brands in stock....(Largest selection in the Bay Area)...Tandems, Tag-a-Longs, Trailers, BMX (Stunt, DJ, Freestyle), Mountain (DH, DJ, All Mtn), Road (Vintage, Cyclocross, Race, Touring), Fixies, Single Speeds, Beach Cruisers, Hybrids of all types and a large selection of little and big Kid Bikes too!!

We have low labor rates, a VERY small advertising budget (because we have 1000s of happy customers who spread the word), take Trade-ins and offer Multi-Bike Discounts so bring the whole family and your friends and SAVE BIG !!

It's Simple....We keep the cost down by Re-CYCLE-ing and not having a fancy store/website so you can save BIG.

Hours of Operation:

Monday / Tuesday--- Closed

Wed-Fri - 12:00pm - 6:00pm

Sat-Sun - 11:00am - 5:00pm

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